5 Brides about their Hair and Makeup

Between solving the Rubik’s Cube that is a seating chart, designing a website and explaining to your Aunt Hilda that a honeymoon registry is not poor etiquette, focusing on things like your wedding hair and makeup can fall to the wayside. After all, what can go wrong? Glad you asked. Here, seven real brides share their biggest beauty mistakes from their own weddings. Hey, hindsight is 20/20.

The Unknown-Stylist Mistake

“I wish I did something to keep my hair off my neck while I sweated it out on the dance floor.

A Chip Off the Ol’ Nail

“I got my nails done the day before (because I thought that would save time), but ended up helping set up my rehearsal dinner decorations and completely chipped my nails. Make sure you don’t have to use your hands after your manicure.”

The No-Trial Remorse

“I had one of my good friends do my makeup, but we live on different sides of the country so we didn’t have a chance to do a trial until the actual wedding. She had done my makeup before (many years ago) and I trusted her completely, so I wasn’t necessarily worried. Still, having to add one more thing to my never-ending to-do list so close to the wedding was a bit stressful. I was really happy with how it turned out, but I would’ve saved myself some stress if I’d done the trial earlier. Plus, it might have been fun to try out some other looks beforehand.” Alexia D.

Too Cool for Her Own Wedding

“My wedding vibe was all-around ‘I’m above having a wedding,’ which in retrospect was kind of obnoxious. I didn’t have bridesmaids, refused to register for gifts, and my husband and I walked down the aisle together to the Talking Heads. (OK, that part was cool!) But at the time, I felt that paying an arm and a leg for hair and makeup was stupid. After realizing I definitely couldn’t do my own ‘ side bun with lavender sprigs,’ I ended up reluctantly hiring a friend of a friend, who was fine but not highly skilled in the ways of wedding beauty. All in all, my makeup was beautiful, but I never loved my hair, which might not have been the case if I had put a little more thought and money into the whole ordeal.” – Jillian Q.

The Photoshopped Face

My makeup artist was pushing the airbrushed look very hard, as if not doing it would be the end of the world. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but considering I have nice skin and don’t need to hide much, I wish I went more natural.” – Korin T.

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