5 DIY Trendy Transformations for Wooden Craft Store Beads

Wooden craft store beads – they’re round, pale and blah.  Not for long.  Think of the beads as a blank jewelry canvas waiting to be painted, dyed, burned and more.  The raw wood aisle at the craft store is your friend when you start thinking of all the different colorful things those little pieces of wood could become.  Check out a few of the ways I have taken plain craft store wood to new places.

Dyed and Burned Wood Beads

It sounds so harsh, but the effects are so cool.  Fabric dye works great on raw wood.  This post gives you all the details.  Take things a step further and bust out your woodburning tool for extra embellishments.

Beaded Curtain From Plastic Easter Eggs and Wooden Beads

Sometimes leaving raw wood beads raw is not a bad thing.  Especially when you are recycling Easter eggs and making a beaded curtain.  For the record, this also looks amazing as a garland on a Christmas tree.

Puffy Paint Texture on Wooden Beads

Use Puffy Paint to give plain wooden craft store beads raised texture.  Polka dots, flowers and patterns galore.

Pretty in Paint Wooden Craft Store Beads

You can always paint your wooden beads.  Polka dots, Day of the Dead, random patterns inspired by your sketchbooks.  You are only a paint pen away from a fun new necklace.

Shredded Junk Mail Covered Wooden Beads

The cover of my book The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girls Guide to Handmade Jewelry features a fun idea for decoupaging wood craft store beads.

Embroidery Floss Wrapped Beads

Who says embroidery floss is just for embroidering, I think it looks pretty spiffy woven over wooden craft store beads.

Shaving Cream Marbling

Sure this is a technique typically done on paper, but I’ve done it on clothing and even on wooden beads for this fun Jennifer Perkins Art Necklace.

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